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.:Welcome to the Endless+Journey:.
Rikkai's Coach
I-I start to think I abused this tag very much ;A; if this is not allowed as usual plase delete this ><;;

Warning : Lots, I mean LOTS of image(s) *LJ thumbnails*, crossposted, Dorki-ness, Some inaccuracies ;A;, our narcist self, Omake pics, view it with your own risk

Starry☆Sky ~In Summer*~

aquatix  as Kanakubo Homare (Taurus)
rions  as Azusa Kinose (Sagittarius)
arsenfreya  as Miyaji Ryuunosuke (Scorpio)

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Starry☆Sky ~In Winter*~

aquatix  as Aozora Hayato (Virgo)
rions  as Shiranui Kazuki (Aries)
arsenfreya  as Amaha Tsubasa (Aquarius)

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Hope You enjoy~ ^^
28th-Aug-2009 01:09 am - Update, cosplay test + omake <3
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
Hi f-list~~~ <3 Long time no see, I'm waiting for the pasta to cooked for sahur xDD well, there's some problem with one of the lecturers in my college... ;__; hopefully it will turned out well soon....

Aaand~ the assignment.... 8D if you ask me about that my answer is.. "I want to be a polaroid camera with infinite film" ORZ *it's like 10 sketches/week/module* not to mention that my body is still not delicious+moodswing....and fasting month made me cannot do most of my refreshing methods (karaoke, chocolate, drawing nc fanart 8DDD practicing anatomy *killed*) which the current Tension Headache problem <3 it completes all....

....Sorry for ranting T_T;, for the sake of cheering this journal up...I bring some of my cosplay test as Azusa Kinose from Seiza Kareshi~Starry☆Sky (this one is cross posted to the comm minus the omake, since I JUST take the omake pics around 10 mins ago xD;)

Warning : unfinished closet cosplay, crappy webcam images, ugly faces because the lack of sleep + minimum make-up, and messy bg. please view with your own risk!!

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Hope you enjoy~ ^^

Well then, Arsen, Taking off~~

18th-Aug-2009 03:17 am - I can haz an update too? *A*
Umm...well...hello f-list, I've been lurking for 2 months and I just realized I didn't update here besides my personal entries... 8D

Well! Arsen here, currently cannot sleep because of full-body-ache and messed up mind <3 hopefully I can go to the at least my afternoon class OTL

Things are a bit...well..chaotic? 8D; (my connection problem etc) especially because I moved out from my former place because of a personal problem... but thankfully it's all fixed now ^^

Ah well, for the sake of cheer this journal up :D I bring you an old fanart and teaser cosplay pic~

I'm a LJ-cut, click me? <3Collapse )

Well then, Arsen, Taking off~ *hope I can get up...this morning...D8
13th-Apr-2009 09:33 pm - 夢番地
YukiSana Sleeps

Kinou ni yume wo takuseba koukai de asu ni yume wo takuseba kibou de
Demo kyou no boku ni yume wo takushite nani ni naru no? dakara
    If I entrust a dream to yesterday, regret; if I entrust a dream to tomorrow, hope.
    I wonder what will happen if I entrust my dreams to the me of today?

Uzukumatte tojikomotte asu wo matte itanda yo
Dakedo nande asu ni natte mireba kyou ga mata hajimaru no?
    I'm cowering, shutting myself away, and waiting for tomorrow.
    But why is today starting again when it should have turned into tomorrow?

"Mirai no tame ni ima ga aru" to iwarete mo boku wa shinjinai yo
Datte "ima" no kono boku ga kinou no boku no mirai
"ima ni amanzuru koto nakare" to iwarete mo boku wa waraenai yo
Datte "ima" no kono boku ga dareka no yumemiru mirai
    "The present exists for the future," I said, but I don't believe it.
    Because the me of "now" is the future of the me of yesterday.
    "Don't just be content with the way things are," I said, but I can't smile.
    Because the me of "now" is the future somebody dreamed of.

Kanaetai yume bakari kazoete kanaeta yume wa nakinagara kitto dokoka e...
    I'm only counting the dreams I want to come true, even though the dreams that came true are crying.

"Boku wa kitto ima itsuka no yume no ue ni tatte irunda ne
Boku wa kitto ima dareka no yume no ue ni tatte iru"
    "Now, I must be standing on top of a dream from some time.
    Now, I must be standing on someone's dream."

Iki wo sutte soshite haite sore dake ja yorokobenaku natte
Hoshiku natte are mo kore mo ano hito no mo dakedo
Boku ni atte kimi ni nakute kimi ni atte boku ni nai mono ga aru kara
Boku wa kimi wo kimi wa boku wo suki ni naretandeshou
    Just bereathing in and out won't make me happy.
    I've started to want this and that and that person, but even so,
    There are times you see me, you're not you, I see you, I'm not me.
    We've fallen in love, haven't we? I with you and you with me.

Kanaeta yume no kazu wo kazoeyou kanawanai yume wa dareka ga kitto dokoka de...
"Boku ga tatte iru koko wa kitto dareka no negatteru basho de
Dareka ga tatte iru basho ga kitto boku no nozomu basho de"
Dareka ga kitto ima boku ni totte no yume wo kanaete kurete iru
Boku mo kitto dareka ni totte no yume wo kanaete iru
    Let's count the dreams that have come true. As for the dreams that haven't come true, someone, somewhere, must...
    "Here where I'm standing must be a place someone is wishing for.
    Someone must be standing in the place I hope for."
    Someone must be making my dreams come true.
    I must be making someone's dreams come true.

Let's party dance dance dance
Let's take our hands to hands to hands
Shut up and smile so you can see how beautiful life is
Forget about chance chance chance
What for? Enhance hance hance
You naked is really the best

Boku wa nande tachidomatte asu wo matte itandarou
Asu wa kitto asu wo kitto mukae ni yuku yo
    Why did I stand up? Wasn't I waiting for tomorrow?
    Tomorrow should be-- I should be going to meet tomorrow.

 "Boku wa kitto ima itsuka no yume no ue ni tatte irunda ne  
Boku wa kitto ima dareka no yume no ue ni tatte iru"
Boku wa mou kazoe kirenu hodo no yume wo kanaete irunda ne
Gomen ne kore kara wa ne zutto zutto issho dakara
    "Now, I must be standing on top of a dream from some time.
    Now, I must be standing on someone's dream."
    I'm already making dreams that can't be let go come true.
    I'm sorry. From now on, we'll always, always be together.

credits lyrics @
memeshe  journal here


*bows* Sorry for the spamming and not giving you all any news m(;_;)m I was such a bad friend....College is really nearly don't spare me to write a proper journal *glance at my SPAM journal victim* and also I can't put the lyrics on lj-cut... Dx

Welll...mainly...my..college...ish...*BLARGH* -ded- ahahaha another 1 week to get the main idea ready with the theme....ganbareee~~

Well then, Arsen, Taking off~ ^o^/

P.S : if there's something important that I should know here please inform me :)

2nd-Jan-2009 05:24 am - Happy (belated) New Year!!
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
Well, sorry for being hiatus for soo long time.... >__>

I just want to say...

Happy New Year 2009~ \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

今年も色々よろしくお願いします M(^ ^)M

以上です~ (笑)

I'll update more when I come back to Singapore :3 Love You All~~ ^3^

5th-Oct-2008 06:02 pm星空のパーレド
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NEI-CHAN neitaro !!!! hope You'll have a great year this year too ^^

RambleRamble...Collapse )

And I have some pic of shishido's birthday and my dA 10k kiriban on my art journal here ^^ (sorry no preview T__T)

Title : Kiriban 10k - Rough Sketch
Rating : G
Warning : Errr...Messy coloring.... >_>;;
Description : This is the pic that I made for my deviantArt 10k Kiriban ^^ please don't mind the title of this pic (which I "discussed" with diva_sama  "ORZ)

Title : Happy Birthday Shishido Ryou!
Rating : G
Warning : Lame doujin sketch Dx
Character : Shishido Ryou, Ootori Choutarou, Mukahi Gakuto - Prince of Tennis (c) Konomi Takeshi
Description : A belated birthday mini strip dedicated to Shishido, Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to Atobe too xDD;; I'm in no mood to make his birthday pic...maybe later ^^; *smacked*

P.S : To Nei-chan, do you want me to make a birthday pic? *w* if you want please reply me here ne~ ^^
P.S2 : Senpai & Aqua....kobore ochiru gorgeous wa~ >DDD *smacked*

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~~~ ^o^/

29th-Sep-2008 10:36 pm - Minal Aidin Everyone!! 7 Meme
Yay! \=D/
Because tomorrow is already the last day of fasting...

I want to apologize to you all if I had done anything wrong here m(_ _)m

well, here's the OTP and Myself Meme...
Meme~Collapse )

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~~ >DDDD/

28th-Sep-2008 01:53 am - Private Photoshoot : Yukimura Seiichi
This is what happened when I'm Bored "ORZ

P.S : I hope you all won't get bored with this T__T Because I only have Yukimura, Gakuto and Yuushi wig here

arsenfreya  as Yukimura Seiichi
Chiki as Photographer

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~

17th-Sep-2008 11:51 pm - To All of My Friends...


Please sign this for me?? T____T this is about the Anti-Pornography bill, you can read the draft of the bill here or for foreigners if you want to know, you can read the partially-translated english here....

Your help is very important to us...

Thank you very much

11th-Sep-2008 01:02 am - Secret Meme, and RL ^^
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
Soo~ I was having dinner with aquatix and rions -senpai~~ arigatou minna!! ^o^

We have a really loong chat... *and some drawing* =3 aqua, I'll scan your pic later okay? ^^ I've still got to do my Fantasy Assignments pictures

btw I just finished one of my assignments~~ <33 so I can post this xDD

secret meme:

1. kisame_widi and ravient
2. kisame_widi !! and larva_zax
3. No one
4. viyana !! 8DD
5. kisame_widi and ravient again... xD
6. shin_e , seraphin_kaegan
7. kisame_widi , neitaro , ravient
8. aquatix , viyana , diva_sama
9. kisame_widi , ryou_0013 , aquatix , rions , ravient , shin_e , seraphin_kaegan , diva_sama
10. err...angel_dunnant ?
11. dunno.... xD;
12. neitaro and sorenka
13. neitaro
14. akirasama
15. sorenka , viyana ,diva_sama
16. tokyolights , aquatix
17. aibachyderu
18. eeee....renge_sama I think...
19. aquatix , aramaki_tokio
20. shin_e , kaichama ,ryou_0013
21. no comment
22. no comment
23. none
24. diva_sama
25. ...*cough* kisame_widi and shin_e *killed*
26. errr..dunno...rie_ecchan ?? xD
27. ryou_0013
28. diva_sama !!! ryou_0013 , and jessica_yui with yagami_veruska ^^
29. dunnooo!!! T_____T;;;; I don't know what's the meaning..
30. I'm sorry if my answer offended someone m(_ _)m;; this is purely based on my opinion~

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off!! xD~

8th-Sep-2008 11:04 am - Meme dump Post (Warning : Long Post)
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
Long Meme is LongCollapse )17. Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you. (If you want to ;3 )
(1) kisame_widi
(2) diva_sama 
(3) akirasama 
(4) seraphin_kaegan 
(5) aquatix 
(6) viyana 
(7) ore_ryousama 
(8) kaichama 
(9) rions 
(10) okamishoujo 
Long Meme is Long IICollapse )

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~~ ^o^/

Yay! \=D/
Cut For FangirlingCollapse )

And some den-o + reborn art-dump ^^

Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryuu-Sieg + 80695918Collapse )
and Happy Birthday to rie_ecchan  ^o^/~~ Hope you will have a great year this year too ^^

Well then, Arsen, Taking OFF~~ >DDDD

First of all, Happy fasting all~~ I hope this year's fasting will be better than before ^^

the bad news....T__T my internet is down... *sigh* I finally can open my post page, at first I only can open my front page but I cannot open friends pace except for the notification link on my e-mail (>3<);; so if you think you have an entry which is important to me to see, please note me in this entry T__T I'm sorry... M(_ _)M

and I want to write many things...I want to draw many things... ah Assignment... TAT;

and... congrats to my sister kisame_widi who has got cum laude at her graduation ^^

This is some of my narcist pic...feel free to skip this

Read more...Collapse )
and I got my hand into photoshop a bit (thanks to my veggie ryou_0013~~ ^3^ *huggleglompchu*)

Read more...Collapse )

Happy birthday to rai_neko  and impressioniste  ^o^/ Hope you will have a great year this year too ^^

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off!! ^o^/
16th-Aug-2008 12:24 am - We're Happy Family~
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
Hi minna... I'm tired here XD~

My assignment got rejected again..hahaha~ but it's okay I just re-do it later~ 8D (viyana....kita senasib hun...tadi dikau tidak bisa sayah tlp T_T)

I bring you some sketches again~

My new husband arrived today...but I still cannot raep him cos my comp didn't have any videocard slot T___T (anyone know the way to install wacom cintiq to PowerMate P5000?? TOT the comp only have USB and FireWire slot ''OTL) so I must save my money again to buy laptop... T^T;

DL 5th!!! Full of fanservice (WATA2!!! ILU <3333 HIGA!!! GUEST-TACHI!!! ROKKAKU!!! RIKKAI!!! XDDD) *credit to space_cafe* Aah...gonna miss 4th cast T__T

Wish me luck in my assignment ne~ ^^

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~~ ^o^/
11th-Aug-2008 01:26 am - Photoshoot : Dirty Pair @ Suntec
Yay! \=D/
Yahoo!!! Long time no see ^^

I was coming at WCG event at 9th xD~ we (me, rions, and viyana) *Thank you so much ^3^~* take some photoshoot there because we're too lazy to join the event...

rions as Mukahi Gakuto
arsenfreya as Oshitari Yuushi
viyana as Photographer

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off ^o^/
1st-Aug-2008 07:00 pm - BAS 011, New Scanner xD~
BAS 11 has been uploaded by luciae  !!!! *hugglesglompkisses* THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ^o^

Wata2....arigatouuuu!!!! T^T you really make me didn't feel disappointed <33333

neechan, please buy this and luke's one for me there XDDDD *killed by lacerta beam saber*

btw, finally I bought new printer >A<;; because the last one must pay for the service fee and I must go to tampines to claim the warranty... -_-;; HELL NO!! I hate you epson DD8

and the scanner of my new printer is workingg~~~ <333 Yay!!

Yesterday I also p-chat with miccan and ravient ^^

P.S : my left index finger still can't hold a cutter yet TAT; hope I can get better soon because I have a lot of assignment that requires cutting >_<;

P.S : rions-senpai, good luck with your assignment too~ 後 また一緒にカラオケしましょうね? (^▽^)/

Well then, Arsen, Taking off~ *^▽^*
30th-Jul-2008 07:32 pm - HOHOHOHO 8DD
Sorry for not updating for so long time... ^^;;

I finally can get some rest from the assignments...



after it was JUST HEALED from the infection caused by papercut a week ago


*rolls desperately*

SENPAIII~~~ I WANT TO GO KARAOKE AGAINN!!! TAT *hi-level stress* 僕と一歩に付き合って下さい 先輩!! << 長太郎/ウラ モード *slapped*

Luckily tomorrow is just an introduction module so I don't have to use my left hand too often...I hope ^^;

P.S : kisame_widi just post a bunch of doujinshis and some photobooks at supporter_robo ^^ *huggles*  ありがとう!! ^3^ good luck for your stay in Japan okay~~
Rikkai&#39;s Coach

Well then, Arsen, Taking off!! ^o^
14th-Jul-2008 07:07 am - Just a random update xD
Yay! \=D/
Well, finally I can update ^^; livejournal refuses to open it's "post" page yesterday

Afterall, some random update...

Well then, Arsen, Taking off~~ ^o^/
10th-Jul-2008 06:44 am - Yaho--i~
Rikkai&#39;s Coach
I finally has internet connection here xD

Yeah,I'm arrived at Singapore ^^

Will check the friends page later, I have to preparing myself up xD;; *killed*

To Singaporeans here, Yoroshiku~ ^o^

Well then, Arsen, Taking Off~ ^^/
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